Band Camp FAQ

Band Camp FAQ

The CMB holds a band camp approximately 10 days before the start of classes.  Here are a few of the commonly asked questions from new members.


Is there a parent meeting?

Typically, we will hold a parent meeting after new-student check in.

What does a full day at band camp look like?

Once a student reports to camp, there are three rehearsal time slots per day: 845 to 1130; 130 to 430; 615 to 830. Because we’ve asked students schedule band activities all day, we provide meals between rehearsals.

What do we do at Camp?

After two days of training camp, the first couple of days of Band Camp will be spent learning the pregame music, learning the first halftime show, and learning our stand tunes. Additionally, we will spend several hours a day teaching and cleaning our marching techniques. The last three days of camp are spent Learning the pregame show and beginning to learn the first halftime show. We will also practice work in our parade block, and learning how to move as a band around grounds. 

What do I do with my stuff after I'm dropped off for camp?

Hotel assignments will be arranged for all on Grounds students. Though space may be somewhat limited in your hotel rooms, there should be room for you and your hotel-roommate to store your respective belongings in your rooms. If we need to pursue extra storage in the hotels, such as a conference room, we will definitely consider that as a possibility. 

What about large items I am bringing?

If you know in advance that you're planning to bring large items that may not fit in a hotel room, consider arranging for those larger pieces to arrive in Charlottesville on your official dorm move in day (typically this is a day that falls during the middle of our band camp week). We realize this isn't always ideal but can sometimes be coordinated.

How do I get my stuff from the hotel to my on-Grounds housing?

CMB students will be given a camp rehearsal block off to move into their dorms from the provided hotel. On-Grounds early move-in will be a full CMB effort. Student leaders have already heard from me directly that we plan to help eachother out as an entire CMB family. We will use our band trucks as well to assist CMBers with their move. 

Can my family members help move me in?

You are more than welcome to have family members assist, so long as UVA Housing Covid-related plans allow for their assistance. Be sure to check the UVA Housing website for more detailed information.

Do I need to take Marching Band for credit?

Yes.  First year students are limited to a 17 hour courseload.  After a successful first year, you can request (and are often granted) approval to take more than 17 hours.

How will COVID impact the season?

We truly don't know the answer to this question at the moment.  Our first priority is to the safety of everyone involved.  The University has a team of people assessing protocals and procedures daily.  If there are limitations still in place, we will keep people safe and build as many connections between our members as possible and perform the best we can.  It is incumbant upon every UVA student to know the most current policies and information to be safe.  Please refer to UVA's COVID INFORMATION WEBSITE regularly.