Band Camp FAQ

Band Camp FAQ

We hope the FAQ below answers your questions.  If you need more information, please write the directors at


I want to join the band for the first time this fall! What do I do to get started?

The first thing is to fill out the 2022 member information form. Second, all new CMB members are required to audition for the band virtually. You’ll find the audition requirements here. Check our Youtube Channel in early July for helpful example audition videos prepared by our 2022 Section Leaders. Third, make sure you have the dates of our pre-camps (if applicable) and our band camp in your calendar. Lastly, be sure to enroll in the CMB.

Is the Cavalier Marching Band a class? How do I enroll?

Yes, the CMB is a 2-unit class in which all members are required to enroll. Members enroll based on their year in the CMB, not based on their academic year:

  • 1st year CMB members: MUBD 2610, Section 001-LEC (10641)
  • 2nd year CMB members: MUBD 2620, Section 001-LEC (10642)
  • 3rd year CMB members: MUBD 2630, Section 001-LEC (10643)
  • 4th and 5th year CMB members: MUBD 2640, Section 001-LEC (10644)

Each section meets concurrently on T/Th/Fr from 6:00-8:15pm. The Grading System is credit/no credit.

Do I use my own instrument as a member of the CMB?

No, all instruments used by members are provided by the CMB at no charge to members. The Directors will issue you an instrument at band camp, which you will keep safe and clean until the end of your band activities for the 2022-2023 academic year.

When can I start learning CMB music?

All wind instrumentalists are issued flip folders at band camp. Each flip folder includes laminated copies of the pregame show, laminated stand tunes, and flip folder windows for members to add halftime show music. All members are responsible for printing their own halftime show music, which is available on the UVA Collab CMB 2022 Site.

If we are living on Grounds, are we allowed to move into our housing early in August?

Yes! All members of the Cavalier Marching Band who will live on Grounds are allowed to move in on Monday, August 15 at 8:00 am. We will submit your name and computing ID to UVA Housing and Residence Life in July. HRL will prepare your housing for early move-in.

Who is staying in the Graduate Hotel during Band Camp?

Only members of the Color Guard, Twirlers, and Drumline who have on-Grounds housing during the academic year.  All other members will stay in their off-Grounds housing during pre-camps and full band camp.

When can we check-in to the Graduate Hotel for Pre-camps?

After dinner on Friday, August 12, you can begin hotel check-in starting at 6:00pm. A drum major (either Alexa, Evan, or Moon) will be on site to welcome you and provide you with your room keys. There are no Pre-camp activities the night of Friday, August 12.

When should I check out of the Graduate Hotel in August?

The morning of Monday, August 15 (by 8:00am). That morning, you will have early move-in to your UVA Housing and you’ll need time to make the transition from Hotel to UVA Housing, and then go through Member check-in at the Hunter Smith Band Building.  

Is there parking available at the Graduate Hotel for pre-camp attendees?

There is. It is not free, and parking is not provided by the Cavalier Marching Band at the Graduate Hotel. Free parking is available at the Culbreth Parking Garage, next to the Hunter Smith Band Building. If you’d like to use this option, it is suggested that you check-in to the Graduate Hotel, then drive your vehicle to the Culbreth Garage, and then walk back to the Graduate. It’s suggested that you bring a friend with you so you can walk back in pairs!

Is there free parking available on Grounds during Band Camp?

Yes. The Cavalier Marching Band works with UVA Parking Services to lift Parking Enforcement in the Culbreth Parking Garage for the duration of all band camp activities. New this year, Parking Services will also lift Parking Enforcement at Slaughter Recreation Center, which will allow Color Guard and Twirlers to drive to/from the SRC in the afternoons and park for free.

As a rising first year, when do I receive my Student ID?

UVA HRL will allow you to pick up your student ID within a week of early move-in. You are also welcomed to wait until the morning of your early move-in to pick up your ID card.

How do meals work during band camp?

If you will be living on Grounds, but are staying in the Graduate Hotel during pre-camps, all of your meals are provided by the Cavalier Marching Band. You’ll eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Newcomb Dining Hall, which is aware of your meal windows between rehearsal blocks.

What do I do if I don’t have my student ID card yet, and need to swipe in for a meal?

As you enter the Dining Hall, let one of the workers know you are a member of the Cavalier Marching Band. They will track all meals for billing purposes, and you will be able to enter the hall for a meal.

When we go to Scott Stadium during band camp, how do I get there?

Buses are provided by the CMB for transportation between the Hunter Smith Band Building and Scott Stadium. Large instruments will be loaded onto CMB trucks and driven directly to the stadium. Smaller instruments should be carried by members on the buses.

What is the “summer uniform?”

  • All-black athletic shoes. The brand is your choice (students provide their own shoes).
  • All-black mid-shin socks (students provide their own socks).
  • Navy UVA Band Shorts (provided by the CMB).
  • Navy UVA Band Shirt/”sweatcatcher” (provided by the CMB).
  • UVA Band Hat (provided by the CMB).
  • UVA Band fanny pack (provided by the CMB, and optional at performances).

When do we wear the summer uniform?

At all CMB performances, unless otherwise specified by the Directors. On gamedays, members wear their full CMB uniform over the summer uniform.

What do I wear during our performances during band camp?

You will wear the summer uniform, provided by the CMB. You will receive your shorts, shirt, fanny pack, and hat during Band Camp check-in. Make sure you bring your own black shoes and socks to camp.

What buildings or facilities are used during band camp?

Hunter Smith Band Building (HSBB) - 180 Culbreth Road

Newcomb Dining Hall - 180 McCormick Road


The Graduate Hotel - 1309 West Main Street


Your UVA Housing - Addresses will vary


Slaughter Recreation Center - 505 Edgemont Road


Carr’s Hill Field - corner of Emmett St. & Ivy Rd. (down the steps from the Culbreth Parking Garage)


School of Architecture (for sectionals) - 110 Bayly Drive


Drama Building (for sectionals) - (across Culbreth Rd. from the HSBB)


Scott Stadium - 1815 Stadium Road