Creative Discovery

February 28, 2022 -- adk3k

Creative Discovery - MUSI 2559 UVA Course

This event is closed to the public.

Taught by UVA Director of Bands Elliott Tackitt, MUSI 2559 is about discovering your creative potential. What is Creativity at work? A writer scribbling intensely at a café table? A ballet dancer, en pointe, in vibrant costume? The Los Angeles Philharmonic performing in Walt Disney Concert Hall? We often wonder about the source of an artist’s immense creativity, harnessed with ease, yet seemingly out of our own reach. But each of us has tremendous resources of creativity, often unknown or under-explored.

The course is not about the specialties of professional artists and requires no previous artistic experience. We’ll focus on unlocking our creative potential and bringing liberating, exploratory practices to our daily lives. We’ll discuss research on joy, creativity, and being in flow; we’ll explore awareness, availability, balancing, and flow through introspective exercises; we’ll consider our sense of identity and how it shapes our reality; and we’ll discuss patterned thoughts and actions, and their impact on our own creative living.

Class activities include weekly readings and discussions; brief weekly responses collected via a Google Form; two reflective papers; a brief presentation on a “found” resource; and one creative project in a medium of the student’s choice.


Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 12, 2022 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM