Friends & Family

Friends & Family

The CMB has a large network of parents, alumni, and friends supporting and cheering us on everywhere we go, and in everything we do.


What are some Gameday traditions I could be involved in?

We have a gameday practice at Carr's Hill Field a few hours before every home football game. While many come to watch the gameday rehearsal, we also invite you to watch any rehearsal throughout the season from the top of the hill overlooking the field (Culbreth Road Garage is the nearest parking garage/lot). We also end every practice with a singing of the Good Old Song and invite you to join the band. This is one of our longest-running and favorite traditions, started in 2004 (the first year of the band) and has continued every since!

How do I get tickets to watch the band at football games?

We would love to have you watch the band perform at football games! We do a different show each game, so we will always have something new to show you! We have a reserved season ticket block for CMB friends and family! You can reserve your tickts online by clicking here and using promo code "UVABAND" to receive a 20% discount on the regular price! Single game tickets, the bag policy, accessibility accomodations, etc. are as listed at

When and where is band camp? How does that work with move-in day?

In 2019, our band camp was held on Grounds with rehearsals every day at Carr’s Hill Field and the Hunter Smith Band Building during the week prior to move-in day. Students were housed in hotels until residence hall rooms were available for move-in. We had storage available, as needed, for students' dorm items (CMB staff and students were available to assist with move-ins) but parents/families were otherwise welcome to return to help their student with move-in.

What costs are associated with the band?

The total cost of being a member of the CMB is…$40. That’s it. No joke! This buys shoes and gloves for each member. Outside of that, everything is provided! Food and housing during band camp, free CMB apparel for the season, a uniform, and even a top-of-the-line instrument! When the band travels, all expenses are taken care of by the CMB.

How can parents get involved in the band with volunteering?

Actually, they don’t. Seriously! One of the great things about the CMB is how much students take ownership of the band. Our student staff runs the band, from section leaders and drill instructors who teach music and drill, to the support staff, who take care of the uniforms, equipment, attendance, banquet – you name it, they do it. We pride ourselves on our student leadership. So now you can sit back, relax, and watch your student perform without any of the extra work. You’ve earned it!

How can I get more information about what is going on with the CMB?

Feel free to email or call 434.982.5347 to ask about something or to schedule some time to stop by in-person! The band office is located in the Hunter Smith Band Building at 180 Culbreth Road. We look forward to hearing from you!


Are you an alum of the CMB? If so, you can learn more about the Cavalier Marching Band Alumni Association here.