Incoming 2023

Incoming 2023


If you have questions, please write the directors at BANDS@VIRGINIA.EDU.
Step #1: Get accepted to UVA!
Step #3: Find your instrument area below for specific audition requirements.  Our Section Leader team will have sample audition videos finalized and posted to our YouTube Channel around July 1.
Audition Requirements by Instrument

Woodwinds, Brass & Electric Bass

All new CMB students have to audition for a position in the Cavalier Marching Band.  If you intend to audition for the CMB, FILL OUT THIS FORM in order for us to learn about you and your interests!


  1. Download the Audition packet that corresponds with your instrument (individually linked below)
  2. Record a video of yourself playing Virginia Swing, Cavalier Fanfare, Cavalier Song, and March On Cavaliers with this Drumline MP3.  NOTE: Play the Cavalier Song while marking time in place through measure 33.
  3. Next, without drumline, perform your scales with a metronome within the listed tempo range.
  4. Next, without drumline, perform the Good Old Song.
  5. Finally, record a 1-3 minute selection of your choosing that represents your abilities as a player. 
  6. Once these recordings are completed, please compile them into one file, upload to your preferred web-based platform (Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), and share an accessible link with the directors using this form-CMB AUDITION GOOGLE FORM.

Deadline to submit a recording is July 31.


If you prefer an in-person audition in Charlottesville this summer, email with the subject line “Live Audition,” and the Band Directors will respond to schedule your live audition.



If you are interested in auditioning for the CMB Drumline, FILL OUT THIS FORM. After submitting your information, download a PDF of our audition packet linked below.  If you have questions, please write Assistant Director Brandon West

The Second round of the 2023-2024 auditions will be held immediately prior to band camp. This audition is for rising first year students and anyone who has not yet auditioned for the CMB drumline.

Here are the second round audition packets:

For your Convenience, practice tracks for many of the exercises have been created for you, please find them HERE.

You will need to submit a video of your playing following the directions in the packet to THIS LINK by July 31.

CMB Drumline instrumentation is snare, tenor drum, bass drum, cymbal & mallets (mallets are required to perform on cymbals as well).

Color Guard / Twirler


If you are interested in auditioning for the CMB Color Guard as a first-time member, please prepare a video recording of you performing the following sequence and submit the recording for review by July 31. 

  • 20 counts of drop spins starting from right flat with a drop-stop ending on counts 19 + 20.
  • Full cones/figure 8 exercise
  • 10 counts of 5 pull/pole hits
  • 3 sets of pop tosses - adjust to the revolution that you’re able to do.
  • 3 sets of money hand tosses - both 3 counts and 4 count tosses (or as you’re able to) - 6 total
  • 3 sets of wind-ups - both 3 count and 4 count tosses - 6 total
  • 3 sets of 45’s - 3 singles and optional 3 doubles (or as you’re able to) - 6 total
  • 3 sets of horizontal tosses 
  • Optional trick toss! Anything fun that you’ve been working on and want to share
  • In addition, please end the video with a short 30-45 second routine of what you feel is your best work. Whether it’s your favorite phrase from your high school guard, or a short routine you made up, this will help us understand where you are from a performance perspective. Incorporating dance and body within your choreography will help us understand your ability to combine multiple elements at once, but we know color guard programs approach both skill sets very differently.

Feel free to include music in the background, if you wish. If you have experience with rifle or sabre, you may include additional footage of your skill set on either equipment, up to 45 seconds of each CG weapon.

Once your video is complete, please submit a link to your video recording using this Recorded Audition Form


updated 3/17/2023

Application Requirements

To apply for a feature twirler position at the University of Virginia, please submit a biography (PDF) that summarizes your twirling background, past instruction you have received, and significant performances and awards in your history. Additionally, submit a video that includes performance with 1, 2, and 3 batons, demonstrating skill sets that are unique to you.

Videos may be in full costume or practice wear with twirling shoes. You are welcome to include video footage from previous performances, parades, football games, and/or video footage recently filmed for your UVA twirler audition. Please combine all footage into one video, which may be between 5-15 minutes in length. 

Some of the essential skills required to be a Virginia Feature Twirler include:

  • Complete a toss one-spin illusion.
  • Toss four-spin.
  • A variety of rolls
  • Creative body work and flexibility
  • Maintain a level of physical conditioning in order to achieve high-quality performance poise throughout a field show
  • Gymnastic skills are encouraged by not required.
  • High audience engagement
  • Twirling with 1, 2, and 3 fire batons

Feature Twirler Audition Timeline

April 15: Biography and video submission deadline (Round 1)

Week of April 24–28: Applicants invited to progress to the next round will be contacted to schedule a virtual interview with Coach Brittany Kellaway, and Dr. Elliott Tackitt (Round 2)

Sunday, May 21, 9AM-5PM: Live Audition (Final Round): Applicants will be auditioned in-person by Coach Kellaway, Dr. Tackitt, and a small panel of former twirlers and coaches familiar with the UVA twirling program. A detailed schedule and final audition requirements will be sent to finalists by May 1.

Please send your audition materials or questions to the CMB Office and baton twirling coach at