We, the members of the Cavalier Marching Band, stand in solidarity with the Black community in the fight against systemic racism. We condemn the hate and violence that has been perpetrated against Black Americans and other marginalized communities of color for centuries, which continues today. The University of Virginia itself was built by the labor of enslaved Black Americans, and we acknowledge that collegiate musical ensembles across the country have benefitted and thrived off of the exploitation of the culture and work of the Black community. American pop music, which is commonly played by marching bands nationwide, has been built on the foundations laid by Black American culture. As an organization, we vow to be more vocal on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the band and greater university community. In order to more closely follow our mission as a band, we must actively cultivate a more diverse and inclusive community.

We strive to create a family in which every member feels wanted, respected, and safe.  In order to better foster this environment, we are establishing a Diversity Committee that will:

  • Educate and train band members, as well as actively work to create an inclusive community within the band,

  • Expand our recruitment efforts and performances to include more diverse schools and communities,

  • Ensure the integration, appreciation, and awareness of diverse artists and composers in our performance repertoire,

  • Encourage transparency and establish consistent lines of communication with the directors of the CMB regarding issues surrounding diversity and allocation of funds, and

  • Explore and implement additonal actions consistent with our equitable mission throughout the upcoming years.

We are committed to listening, learning, and growing.  Today and every day, Black Lives Matter.