What's a Gameday like?

About 4 hour before every home game, we hold a rehearsal at Carr's Hill Field.  After about a 90 minute rehearsal, we'll sing the Good Old Song with families and guests and dismiss for a tailgate meal on Culbreth Road.  Then we change into uniform, get to the stadium and bring the noise!  Games take about 3 hours.  The CMB provides all of your gameday apparel, including gear for all season and weather.  Thanks to the Uniform Crew, you will have a freshly cleaned, pressed uniform every game.

How do I get tickets to watch the band at football games?

UVA Atheltics has set up a 20% discount on football season tickets for Cavalier Marching Band families.  You can purchase reserved seats for all 7 home games (including Notre Dame and Virginia Tech).  MOST BAND FAMILIES SIT IN SECTION 130 (directly across from the band seating), but all seats in “Hooville, Choice & Value” are available with the 20% savings.  To reserve your tickets at the CMB Price at this link:  https://www.virginiasports.com/cmboffer

When and where is band camp? How does that work with move-in day?

Band camp dates and procedures will be released in mid-July when a clearer picture of COVID restrictions comes to light.  Band camp is held on Grounds at UVA, with multiple rehearsals every day at Carr’s Hill Field and the Hunter Smith Band Building. CMB members move into their housing accommodations for early check in on or about Monday, August 16. Students without available housing will be housed in a local hotel at CMB expense.

When do you rehearse?

The full band rehearses from 6-8:15PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week during the fall semester, as well as on Fridays from 6:30-8:45PM on the 7 home football game weeks. The Color Guard and Drumline have one additional sectional rehearsal per home football game. The full band also rehearses the day of every home football game.

Is there an audition?

Yes, all prospective members have to audition for the band.  For audition requirements, check out our auditions page.

Does the band travel to away games and post-season games?

The band usually travels to at least one away game each season as well as any post-season games. In 2019, the band traveled to Durham for the regular season game against Duke, to Charlotte for the ACC Championship, and to Miami for the Orange Bowl.

Are there opportunities for leadership in the band?

Student leadership is critical to the success of the CMB. There are dozens of leadership and support staff roles available in the band; learn more about each of them here.

Do you really perform a different halftime show at every game?

OHHH YEAHHH!  It's easier than you think when you're surrounding by the members of the CMB!

What fees are involved?

The total cost of being a member of the CMB is…$50. That’s it. No joke! This buys shoes and gloves for each member. Outside of that, everything is provided! Food and housing during band camp, free CMB apparel for the season, a uniform, and even a top-of-the-line instrument! When the band travels, all expenses are taken care of by the CMB.  Most members keep their shoes for 4 years, so returners are only paying a couple dollars a year for clean gloves.

How will COVID impact the season?

We truly don't know the answer to this question at the moment.  Our first priority is to the safety of everyone involved.  The University has a team of people assessing protocals and procedures daily.  If there are limitations still in place, we will keep people safe and build as many connections between our members as possible and perform the best we can.  We will release some guidance in mid-July band camp and other COVID related issues for the upcoming season.