The Cavalier Marching Band will always be a group of people who are bound by the united cause of creating great marching artistry and sharing it with the world.  On and off the field, our members encourage, support & celebrate each other in every way imaginable.  

In the summer of 2020, members of the band devised THIS STATEMENT and created a student-led Diversity Committee to further the goal of enriching the lives of our members. 

On behalf of the Cavalier Marching Band, the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI) stands firmly in support of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. We are proud of our diverse band that includes many AAPI members, and we condemn discrimination in any and every form.. The aggression against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is a symptom of the same white supremecist structure that the CDEI was created to oppose.

With the recent rise in hate crimes and racial attacks towards AAPI, it is important to make our stance clear: we are outraged. We hurt seeing so many friends and family members fearful and in pain. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Stop AAPI Hate has received over 3,800 reports of hate crimes against AAPI across the United States. While racism against AAPI communities is unfortunately not new, this recent uptick has been spurred by racist rhetoric surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Asianness is not a virus, but hatred is. Please take time to read the open letters authored by UVA Professor Sylvia Chong and UVA Asian student organizations - we must amplify the voices and needs of these communities now and always.

We are here to offer support for anyone who has dealt with issues of racism, hate, and discrimination. The CDEI exists to help ensure that the band is a safe space free of hatred where our love of music and performance can flourish. If there is anything hurting your success in or out of band, do not hesitate to reach out. Professor Chong has also worked to compile a list of local and national support resources.