December 2021

December 2021

Letter From the Director

Happy New Year from the Hunter Smith Band Building! I hope each of you enjoyed time with family and friends in December and early January.

As we look forward to 2022, I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to recognize the challenges the Band faced this year. Performance opportunities evolved as our masking requirements shifted throughout the season, and CMB members represented themselves as consummate ambassadors for the University. One particular example came to mind throughout the Fall. You may remember the football game against Wake Forest on September 24th. The game ended very late that Friday evening and, despite the game’s outcome, I recall looking up into section 104 (our section) and seeing incredible energy and spirit all the way to the end of the game. It wasn’t just that game; the band brought this same energy to the stands every game. I commend all of our CMB members for their resilience and spirited performances throughout the 2021 season, and thank you for your support of their incredible efforts.

Looking ahead, HOOps Band activities are in full swing as we continue to support the Women’s and Men’s basketball teams. We’re excited to have over 60 band members in Concert Band this spring. Rehearsals begin the week of January 25, so please consider joining us on April 26 at the HSBB for their end-of-semester performance.

Finally, I want to thank each of you who has contributed to our ongoing fundraising campaign. We are appreciative of your support and your belief in the role music performance plays in the lives of UVA students!

Wishing you all a warm January,


CMB Giving Campaign

The CMB is so fortunate to have passionate fans among our alumni, parents, family members, and community members. Our students have always been the pulse of our program, who spread the spirit of Virginia on Grounds and in our community. Please consider supporting the students of the CMB with your donation here.

CMB 2021 "Wrapped"

Spring 2021


UVA’s spring 2021 semester had a rough start: A spike in COVID cases in the student body led to some of the strictest COVID policies that the UVA student body had seen after returning to grounds in fall 2020. In the height of the restrictions, students living on grounds were essentially limited to in-person interactions with their roommates. This, of course, also meant that music students remained almost entirely virtual. The HOOps Band was absent from UVA basketball games and concert ensembles struggled through another semester of virtual classes. Many music students’ practices were limited to reserved practice rooms in which they would record themselves playing to be compiled into an ensemble recording of a piece.

The end of the spring semester bought new hope for music students as vaccines became readily available and restrictions began to ease. The HOOps Band and wind ensemble were able to rehearse together in-person once again, bringing a small bit of normalcy back after over a year of strange circumstances. Additionally, the CMB excitedly began planning for an in-person season in the fall. Although the spring semester was far from ideal for UVA music students, it ended with plenty of excitement for a hopefully-improved fall.

Summer 2021


The CMB reunited in August with an in-person band camp. With plenty of safety precautions, including masking indoors and on buses, the CMB was able to safely join together and begin preparations for the fall 2021 season. In addition to two classes of new members, the CMB also welcomed its new director, Dr. Tackitt, to the family. The returning students and staff faced great challenges in incorporating so many new faces into the group, but the band emerged from band camp with a plethora of new relations formed and good spirits from the return to in-person practice.

Fall 2021


The fall 2021 season began with the CMB’s triumphant return to Scott Stadium with the show “All Together Now,” featuring pieces by Andrew Copland. This was followed by a tribute to the victims of the September 11th attacks, entitled “In Memoriam,” as well as the shows “Rhythm of the Night” and “Next Episode.” Each show was incredibly different from the last, and the CMB grew as a band as it encountered new challenges each week. Each return to Scott Stadium was a blast and a step towards normalcy. However, something crucial was missing from the game day experience: stand tunes.

The night prior to the first game, the CMB was informed that it would be unable to perform stand tunes during the football games due to COVID-19 related regulations. This was devastating, as many members value playing stand tunes just as much as marching on the field. Fortunately, these regulations were adjusted in time for the fifth show of the season, “Cavalier Karaoke,” and CMB members were permitted to play in the stands with proper playing masks and bell covers. With these changes, the CMB was yet again brought a little closer to normalcy and game days improved even further.

The CMB finished out the season with “Veterans’ Appreciation,” in which each branch of the military was honored for Veteran’s Day, and “Senior Day,” where the CMB honored its departing fourth- and fifth-year students. In addition to these last halftime shows for the CMB, many concert ensembles had their first in-person performances towards the end of the semester. The HOOps Band also made a return to John Paul Jones Arena to support the UVA men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Although the fall 2021 semester ended with the great disappointment of the Fenway Bowl trip being canceled, UVA bands celebrated many victories during the semester. Students were able to once again enjoy beloved music activities with old and new friends. Even though we remain far from normal, the CMB still looks forward to 2022 with hope for more progress in the coming semester and successes for the spring ensembles.

Upcoming Events

HOOps Band

MBB vs. Virginia Tech. Wednesday, January 12, 9 pm
WBB vs. NC State. Thursday, January 13, 7 pm
MBB vs. Wake Forest. Saturday, January 15, 4:30 pm
WBB vs. Syracuse. Sunday, January 16, 1 pm
MBB vs. Louisville. Monday, January 24, 7 pm
WBB vs. Virginia Tech. Thursday, January 27, 7 pm
MBB vs. Boston College. Tuesday, February 1, 8 pm
MBB vs. Miami. Saturday, February 5, 5 pm
WBB vs. Clemson. Sunday, February 6, 4 pm
MBB vs. Georgia Tech. Saturday, February 12. 4 pm
WBB vs. Duke. Thursday, February 17, 7 pm
WBB vs. Pitt. Sunday, February 20, 4 pm
MBB vs. Duke. Wednesday, February 23, 7 pm
WBB vs. North Carolina. Thursday, February 24, 7 pm

"HOO Knew?"

  • Unfortunately, due to the spread of COVID-19, the Wasabi Fenway Bowl was cancelled, and the CMB was unable to perform. If they had performed, they would have played Taylor Swift’s “22” and Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” during halftime.
  • The campus of Southern Methodist University, UVA’s would-be opponent at the Fenway Bowl, features buildings and architecture inspired by Thomas Jefferson and the Rotunda.
  • As mentioned in the High School Corner, there are several band houses located off-grounds where members of the CMB live together and host events for their sections.
  • While UVA was unable to play at the Fenway Bowl, Virginia Tech still faced the Maryland Terrapins at the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City. Tech lost 54-10.

High School Corner

Want to know where CMB members rehearse, perform, and spend their time outside of band?  Look no further than this CMB-centered guide to Grounds!

Planning to visit us in person? If you don’t already have a UVA tour scheduled, you may wish to use this online map to plan a self-guided route through Grounds. Then, you can reference the italicized text below to see which stops on your route are close to CMB-related locations. Happy touring!


Hunter Smith Band Building (HSBB)

Located in: Arts Grounds

Convenient to: The Lawn, The Corner, Newcomb Hall

The Hunter Smith Band Building, known to students as the HSBB (pronounced huhz-buh-buh), is the Cavalier Marching Band’s primary indoor rehearsal and activity space. The building also includes a storage space for students’ school-issued instruments as well as individual practice rooms and office space. If you’d like to visit the Hunter Smith Band Building, email or call 434-982-5347 to verify hours and/or plan to meet with a director.

Hunter Smith Band Building

Photo Credit: UVA Bands

Lecture Hall inside the Hunter Smith Band Building

Photo Credit: Tom Pajewski


Carr’s Hill Field

Located in: Arts Grounds

Convenient to: The Lawn, The Corner, Newcomb Hall

Carr’s Hill Field, located less than 500 feet from the HSBB, is the Band’s primary outdoor rehearsal space. It is also used for CMB-related activities outside of rehearsal, such as the band camp scavenger hunt and CMB football. The shed beside Carr’s Hill Field, which was used as the band building before the construction of the HSBB, is now used to store percussion and colorguard equipment.

Cavalier Marching Band practicing at Carr's Hill Field

Photo Credit: Tom Pajewski


Newcomb Dining Hall/Pavilion XI

Located in: Central Grounds

Convenient to: The Lawn, class buildings

Newcomb Dining Hall is the closest dining hall to the HSBB, which makes it a popular location for pre-rehearsal section dinners! The Pavillion XI food court, known to students as The Pav, is another common meeting spot, located one floor below.

Newcomb Hall



Scott Stadium

Located in: West Grounds

Convenient to: First-Year Dorms

Scott Stadium is UVA’s football stadium, but it also (more importantly) serves as the CMB’s primary performance location! On a typical game day, the Band buses from the HSBB to Slaughter Recreation Center before walking as a group to Scott Stadium.


Scott Stadium

Photo Credit: UVA Athletics


Slaughter Recreation Center

Located in: West Grounds

Convenient to: First-Year Dorms

Slaughter Recreation Center is a student fitness center located beside the Alderman Road Dorms. On game days, the CMB buses to Slaughter from the HSBB and uses its gymnasium for instrument storage during the game. After the game, students meet at Slaughter to pack up instruments, load trucks, and walk home.

Slaughter Recreation Center

Source: UVA Total Advising


John Paul Jones Arena

Located in: North Grounds

Convenient to: US-29 (Emmet Street)

John Paul Jones Arena is UVA’s basketball arena and entertainment venue, and the HOOps Band performs here during basketball season.

John Paul Jones Arena



Crossroads Food Court (”Croads”)

Located in: West Grounds

Convenient to: First-Year Dorms

Located inside the Observatory Hill dining hall, Croads is a convenience store and food court where many first-year CMB members like to eat after rehearsal. It’s open late, unlike most nearby dining locations, so it’s the perfect place for a post-practice snack.

Crossroads Food Court

Source: UVA Dining on Facebook


Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA) Neighborhood

Located: Off-Grounds

Convenient to: First-Year Dorms, Fontaine Ave.

The JPA neighborhood is the off-Grounds home to many CMB section houses. The neighborhood itself is bounded by Stadium Road, UVA’s Central Grounds, city limits, and Norfolk Southern Railroad ( If you want to live with your CMB friends after your first year, this is the place!

Visit this link if you want to learn about more housing options after your first year at UVA.

Map of Jefferson Park Avenue and the surrounding area

Source: Google Maps

Student Success

The CMB is incredibly grateful to all graduating members for their dedication throughout their time in the CMB, and we congratulate all graduating CMB members who marched in 2021. With their permission, we’re excited to share the names of the following members in recognition of their accomplishments.
AJ Perry
Alex Davis
Anna Brown
Anna Faulks
Anna Lewis
Aubrey Winger
Aster Rasnick
Blake Lilley
Brandon Eley
Brendan Grubb
Carlos Justo-Jaume
Carlos Rodriguez
Carly Hummer
Carolyn Barrington
Catherine Zhao
Christian Riewerts
Connor Smith
Courtney Tern
Emma Duane
Evan Sooklal
Garrett Johannsen
Gracemarie Buehlmann
Hannah Lee
Kathleen McPhillips
Kiwi Kiwinda
Kole Bowersox
Kristian Banlaoi
Kyle McPherson
Lauren Roos
Maria Parnell
Matt Jones
Matthew Flores
Max Lennon
Meg Dunkum
Megan Mawby
Neha Awasthi
Nicholas O'Connor
Owen Spalthoff
Rachel Greif
Rachel Yates
Reed Koval
Rob Siebers
Seth Hoisington
Sophie Melly
Stephen Muzyka
Tori O’Neill
Tyler Boak
Will Meynardie